Belsize Village Artists
The work of artists who live in the Village

Artists can be contacted through the Village Association via the Contact page

Anne Mackenzie Painter

Anne Mackenzie

Grounded in classical drawing, yet wholly modern and immediately accessible, Anne Mackenzie’s paintings combine engaging visual structures with colours that are emotionally affective.

“Amidst a frenetic period, I had an urge to create stillness. Many of the objects in these works are gifts I received from my family – cups, bowls and plates – which contain things. They hold closeness to people who are far away. Hopefully that sense of containment and closeness is transmitted to viewers in a different but equally authentic way.”

In addition to everyday objects, her collection also includes one notable iconic image -- that of the Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt. An avid runner and fan, Anne finds a deep inspiration in him, who she believes “embodies the place where endeavor meets grace.”

Central to all Anne’s painting is the idea of a sacred geometry that elicits an individual response, invites contemplation and is deeply nourishing.

Born in Zimbabwe in 1967, Anne received a Fine Arts degree from Rhodes University in 1990 and in 1997 -- after moving to London -- graduated from Goldsmith’s, University of London, with a PostGraduate Diploma in Art Therapy. Now a full-time painter, Anne lives and works in Belsize Park.

For more information and a price list
contact Anne on 07799 665 923

Monia Antonioli Freelance Photographer


Monia says: "Since a very young age I was captivated by my family’s one and only camera: an old Rolleiflex. I was amazed at how this tool could capture raw human emotions and preserve a moment that would have otherwise remained only in our memories and perhaps fade over time. This instilled the seed of what later became the passion that mainly influenced my path in life.

"At University I studied international literature between Italy and France and graduated in Irish Literature and Cinema. During those years I always enjoyed photographing and printing my own images in the University darkroom.

"After graduation I relocated to London and worked in the City for several years. This afforded me the ability to travel frequently for business and photography was, once again, my creative outlet and main source of inspiration. Whenever and wherever I travelled, I never failed to bring along three essential items: my passport, my suit and my camera."

"People are still my main source of inspiration."

The Village in Pastels
Village in Pastels
Cheryl Fraser-Sampson

Cheryl Fraser-Sampson has prints on archival paper for sale at £60 each. The size is 14" x 11" including border.

Oliver Chan Oliver Chan – Olivers' Village Café was named after him. His artworks are normally on display at Olivers' Village Café.

Seana Brennan

Seana Brennan was born in London in 1955 and has travelled widely within Europe, the Far East and the United States as well as Africa and Australia. She worked closely with writers and designers in the publishing and graphic design fields from 1975 to 1993. She has two children.

In 1998 Seana embarked on a three-year Fine Art course at The City Lit in Holborn, London. A successful exhibition at the end of the second year at City Lit led her to begin her BA (Hons) Fine Art degree course at the University of Hertfordshire, which she completed, gaining a 2.1, in 2005. She has regularly exhibited her work since 2003.

Maureen Grayson Artist – lives and works off Belsize Lane

Maureen Grayson

Maureen Grayson’s work is about texture and colour. She uses a variety of materials with which to achieve her highly distinctive images.

“I like to build a series of textured layers upon the canvas. Sometimes I use papers as a painting medium in itself; at other times, I collect natural materials such as fibres, plant matter, sand, and sacking. I blend various materials to create a relief/collage whereby I aim to illustrate, in a tactile way, the surface of the subject I have composed.

"My compositions, though abstract in form, are inspired by nature and landscape. I see the main body of my work as organic art in as much as I feel it takes on the appearance of living matter.”

Born in Islington, North London, Maureen Grayson attended Hornsey Art College and also trained for the theatre. She has worked as a freelance textile print designer before concentrating full time as an artist and sculptor.

Maureen has exhibited widely across the UK and her work is in many private collections across Europe and the USA. Most notably, she has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries 2004-07 among a variety of selected shows.

Recent commissions include Latchways plc and Sanya Polescuk Architects.

Diane Umemoto Artist – lives locally

Belsize Crescent

Diane says: "I'm an American who lived in South and Southeast Asia for 30 years, following my husband who was with Unicef. There I taught literature at universities and English and Social Studies at international high schools, as well as lecturing on Asian art in Bangkok and writing articles on Asian culture.

"After my husband's retirement, we came to London, where I taught Social Studies at the American School in London for nine years. Watercolour painting has been my hobby for about twelve years, flourishing in London with the sale of small London scenes. Last year one painting was shown at the open exhibition of the Society of Women Artists. I am represented at Hang-ups Gallery on Boundary Road."






WAC Arts

WAC Arts is a charity providing impactful creative arts and media programmes to gifted young people, empowering them to change their world.


Bolt from the Blue by Maureen Grayson



Dark Glass Art by Seana Brennan



Cheryl Fraser-Sampson is a new local practicing artist with a Diploma in
Portraiture from Heatherley's School
of Art, Chelsea

Brown Girl

Cheryl says;
"My style is figurative and commissions are welcome. It can be a picture of your home, a favourite spot in
your garden or indeed anything you would like as a momento. The artwork can be in a variety of mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolours, as well as drawings in pencil and pastel (I can also do cartoons and caricatures)."