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100 Avenue Road: Appeal against refusal of planning permission

100 Avenue Road

Appeal description
Demolition of existing building and redevelopment for a 24 storey building and a part 7, part 5 storey building comprising a total of 184 residential units (Class C3) and up to 1,041 sqm of flexible retail/financial or professional or cafe/restaurant floorspace (Classes A1/A2/A3) inclusive of part sui generis floorspace for potential new London Underground station access fronting Avenue Road and up to 1,350sqm for community use (class D1) with associated works including enlargement of existing basement level to contain disabled car parking spaces and cycle parking, landscaping and access improvements. There is to be an eight-day public inquiry held locally on July 14 2015.

Dan Carrier says that the rents of the majority of the new flats are likely to be
£40,000 per year.

"London is a city whose two priorities are turning itself into a playground for the most corrupt global elites who are turning neighbourhoods into soulless collections of empty, high-rise safe-deposit boxes in the sky; and continuing to encourage the feckless, reckless criminality of the finance industry (these two facts are not unrelated). ” Cory Doctorow 29 June 2015

Dear Planning Inspector,
I am writing to you to urge you to please listen to the views of local residents and their elected representatives and reject this appeal from Essential Living until the company returns with plans that are acceptable to the community.

As you know, there is a tremendous shortage of homes in London, with demand greatly exceeding supply. But if we are to have any hope of gaining the consent of Londoners to develop the homes we need, it is imperative that the planning system works with rather than against people and communities. This proposal is for a building that is oversized, completely out of keeping, and visually hideous. It would be astonishing if the community hadn’t reacted in the way that it has.

I hope you will reject this appeal and indicate to the developer that it needs to go back to the drawing board and return with plans that demonstrate respect for the community.

Yours sincerely,
Zac Goldsmith
Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and North Kingston

"This tower will ruin our skyline"
Save Swiss Cottage Action Group

Essential Living (EL) developers, who want to build a 24-storey skyscraper and whose application was refused by Camden councillors in September 2014 (due to harm to five adjoining conservation areas and the general amenity) have now appealed this decision with the Planning Inspectorate.

The final decision will be taken by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark.

The developers are making financial deals with Camden (who are supposed to be defending their/our councillors' decision), whereby Camden and Transport for London will collect nearly £2million from EL if the application goes through.

There is the additional incentive for Camden to gain a further £6-8million property once The Winch Youth Project decant their current premises (known previously as the Winchester Arms) which belongs to Camden, and moves into the new premises that EL has offered them within the development.

All this is calculated to make the developers appear to have a social conscience. Then, who knows, once in full possession of the building, Camden could then acquire and sell the whole parade for another £70miilion or even £100million. So why would Camden want to win this appeal when it stands to gain so much by losing?

In the "statement of common ground" negotiations between Camden and the developers there are 42 conditions on which Camden will green-light this proposed development; 32 of them have already been agreed, the remaining 10 are still under negotiation. Why are we wasting taxpayers' money and everyone's time on this appeal? Why even bother to pass this application on to the Secretary of State, while Camden is only seen to be going through the motions to defend this appeal.

Before we know it, the tallest building in north London could for ever loom over our tranquil open space, this thriving cultural enclave at the heart of Swiss Cottage and harm the skyline for five conservation areas.

Noise; pollution; increased wind; congestion to our streets, and loss of community spirit will be part of a package that will only really benefit the rich and the council, and do nothing to address the housing crisis (by not supplying homes for those that need them most) as there is to be no provision for social housing in this scheme.

A number of local groups such as Save Swiss Action Group, Belsize Residents Association and others are committed to funding, fighting, and winning this appeal. More is needed from the local community. If you want this development stopped, please make your objections known by presenting them in person at the first day of the appeal – Tuesday 14 July 2015.

Save Swiss Cottage Action Group
18 June 2015

The Appeal Dates

The appeal inquiry is currently scheduled to last for 8 days. Arrangements are being considered to add one additional day and some earlier or later hours to the already confirmed days. These would be announced when the inquiry opens.

The inquiry will start at 10:00am on Tuesday 14 July 2015. It will take place at these venues:

Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 July
The British Medical Association (BMA) House, Tavistock Square, WC1H 9JP

Thursday 16, Friday 17, Tuesday 21, Thursday 23, Friday 24 July
The Council Chamber, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE

Monday 20 July
Should the inquiry run on this day (yet to be confirmed), then it will take place at The Council Chamber, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE

Wednesday 22 July
The inspector's site visit will take place on this day. A room has been booked at the venue below for rendezvous, breaks and to leave plans and belongings:

Swiss Cottage Community Centre, 19 Winchester Road, NW3 3NR. The start times for each day will be reviewed by the inspector when he opens the inquiry.

Anyone may attend the inquiry and, at the discretion of the Inspector, give your views. Please note it is now too late to make any written comments to the Inspectorate.

The Inspectorate will send you a copy of the decision if you speak at the inquiry or if you ask for one in writing.

Culture and Environment Directorate


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