No to a Co-op – Licensing Panel E to decide
9am on Thursday 8th November

The planned procedure wil be: 15 minutes is for all 'interested parties', which is anyone other than the applicant, the licensing authority, the police etc. Normally the way it works in practice is that the 15 minutes are there for local residents who have concerns/objections about the application, but it depends on who wants to speak.
If there are others who attend the meeting having notified the officers that they would like to speak, then an agreement will need to be reached about how to divide the time. It is possible that some people will come to speak in favour, although that rarely happens with applications. Given that the hearing is some way off, I suggest waiting until closer to the time - the officers may then be able to give a clearer idea of who has said they are coming and wishes to speak.
The chair of the panel does have the discretion to allow more than 15 minutes, but in my experience due to the amount of material to get through, this is generally only done in unusual circumstances.

Tom Simon, Councillor for Belsize

Save Belsize Village
Photo: Nerali Patel
Belsize Village is Under Threat

Do you remember the XO bar and restaurant?
The Village is under threat
Belsize Village has lost yet another community asset following the closure of XO in Belsize Lane. Belsize Village is proud to be home to many local independent businesses. We do not need or want any more development in our beautiful village.

The Village does not want to lose out to a faceless corporation. Please help to keep our local businesses as they have been for many years – an integral part of our community. Please Sign the Petition.

The Late Late store is supplied by the Co-op – so they will be in competition with themselves!

Please object to Camden Council and say No to the Co-op licence

We are in danger of loosing our long-serving and trusted traders like Crescent Fruiterers and the village Late Late store.

Dame Janet Suzman tells Co-op to ‘leave Belsize alone’
Oscar nominated actress backs campaign to stop supermarket opening

Camden New Journal September 2018 By Tom Foot

No to Co-Op BelsizeDame Janet Suzman

Janet Suzman believes the Co-op is not behaving cooperatively. Oscar nominated actress Janet Suzman has hit out at “utterly depressing” plans for a supermarket chain opening in Belsize Village. Ms Suzman DBE said the Co-op’s plan to open a store in the former XO restaurant in Belsize Lane would be “tough on established shops”.

She said: “Go away, Co-op, find a nice high street or some other lonely corner where you could serve a purpose, and leave Belsize alone.” Ms Suzman, who lives in Hampstead, has backed previous campaigns to stop Tesco and Sainsbury’s opening in NW3.

She added: “There are only two villages left in the Hampstead area and Belsize is one of them. How utterly depressing to have a large conglomerate branch thunder its way into a close interdependent little community and think that is a co-operative thing to do.

“It’s going to be tough on the small established shops already serving the needs of the Village and most likely put them out of business. What a rubbish way to find your profits – on the back of the ruination of others. And the trucks clogging up that narrow street? And all the unnecessary booze they’ll stock. What for?”

The campaign to block the Co-op opening in Belsize Park has been criticised as “snobbery” by NW3 residents who say shopping in “the village” is too expensive. The New Journal revealed last week that Co-op has applied to open another branch in the former Marine Ices building in Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm.

The company – which says it had a branch in every postcode in the country – said in a statement: “We believe that a new Co-op store on Belsize Lane would enhance shopping options for local people, providing a wide selection of fresh, healthy foods and meal ideas as well as creating a number of full and part-time jobs which would be targeted at people living in the immediate vicinity. The Co-op is a proud community retailer and would also provide members and customers with the opportunity to raise funds for local groups and organisations through its highly regarded Membership Scheme.”

Ms Suzman played many roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company and was nominated for best actress at the Oscars for her Empress Alexandra in the film Nicholas and Alexandra (1972). She is a niece of Helen Suzman, the South African politician and anti-apartheid campaigner.
Camden New Journal

Crescent Fruiterers
photo: Linda Grove

This proposed Co-op store will affect Crescent Fruiterers, the Late Late Store and Ronis Deli as well as other businesses. Huge delivery trucks will congest our small roads especially in conjunction with the school traffic.

Large trucks unloading outside the old XO restaurant premises will cause congestion and produce more waste for disposal
photo: Linda Grove

Local Councillors plan to meet Co-op representatives the week of 27th August. Key questions that will be asked include:

– Why has the Co-op management selected this location in Belsize Village?
– Have they actually signed the lease?
– Is opening a Co-op store dependent on obtaining an alcohol licence?
– Has anyone from the Co-op actually visited the site and seen the narrow road?
Does the Co-op management realise that the Late Late store is a member of the Nisa group?
– Because the Co-op will be completing against themselves.
Co-op branded products are now supplying Nisa outlets following the recent link-up between the two groups.

To help preserve our local traders businesses you may wish to write to Camden Licensing dept to object to the Co-Op licence application in Belsize Village by going to:
enter licensing application number: 091555
The details are: Co Operative
29 Belsize Lane London NW3 5AS
Premises - New Licence
Please object by 13 September 2018 and do please Sign the Petition

See Licence Application details here

Late Late store
photo: Linda Grove

The Late Late store – a word from Aamir

The Late Late store has been serving local residents and the Belsize Village community for over 50 years. We have seen the village grow and prosper into the joyous community it is today. Local residents who walk through our doors are welcomed seven days a week and not only are they our customers but they are considered our friends and family.

We have built a reputation within the community to not just provide a service but try our utmost to go above and beyond for our customers which is what we feel the community of Belsize village stands for; a joint family who love, trust and care for each other. Unfortunately with the Co-op store moving into the Village, it is more than likely that small business' such as ours will be negatively effected and in most cases will be forced to shut down.

As many of our residents are aware, with large corporate supermarkets it is almost impossible to build the same type of connection that residents of the village share with us and our neighbouring stores. Knowing our customers and the community on a first name basis, and appreciating what they stand for has been pinnacle in keeping our business running and striving to serve them as best that we can.

The Late Late store and our neighbouring businesses have always aimed to look after the children within the area and have seen many of them grow from youngsters into the commendable adults they are today. We have always strived to keep Belsize Village clean and free from pollution. We therefore urge you to stand together against this large corporate giant that seeks to destroy what our community stands for.

Co-Op Poster

See also Ham&High: Locals worry new Co-op could ruin life in Belsize Village as shop eyes former XO site
and Camden New Journal: Concerns for the local fabric of Belsize following Co-op purchase

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