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News: September 2019

Steeles meeting

Monday evening the 2nd of September saw over 35 people gathered in the delightfully redecorated events room at the Sir Richard Steele Pub on Haverstock Hill. They came to hear about Dignity in Dying’s campaign to support the choice of assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults.

Currently, dying people are taking their own lives here and abroad, often alone so as to not subject loved ones to possible prison sentences. The current law offers them no protection or support.

84% of the general public in the UK want to see a change in the law on assisted dying. Now we need Parliament to change the law to reflect public opinion. Parliament is debating the issue. Scotland has already scheduled consultations on a new bill for 2020.

Learn more here about Dignity in Dying.

Dignity in Dying is campaigning for a change in the law. It is advocating for a carefully regulated assisted dying law which gives terminally ill and mentally competent adults the right to terminate their own lives.

For information about future local meetings contact Frances Pinter.


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